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taking your music to the next level

You pour your heart into your craft. You want your music to be the best they can possibly be, lyrically and musically.
We get that.
Let Moving Air create bring your music to the next level, with professional musicians, samples, and best production quality to help take your songs from idea to reality.

Before & After Samples

Yes, we could fill this website with talk, telling you about the quality and care that goes into each and every track we create, how you couldn't ask for more professional sound, and that we treat every client as if their work is the only thing that matters. While all that is true, the proof, as they say, is in the puddin'.
Here is a sampling of a few songs in their raw "before" and polished "after" forms. Contact us if you would like to see what we can do for your songs.

A word from our clients

Here's what a few of the artists we've gotten to work with had to say about their experiences with Moving Air Studio.

"I have used Moving Air Studios for my last 2 CDs. Trevor is the best producer I have experienced in my career. He has his own creative talent and works with you on ideas that can embellish your song creations. He can come up with styles that I would never have thought about. Just tell him what you want your song to sound like, he will work with you. I’m completely satisfied with the product he produces."

Stuart James
Fargo, ND

I am a song writer/producer from Detroit who as a studio musician, worked with some of the best audio engineers in the USA. My experience working with Trevor showed me gold could be found in the in the most unsuspected hills. Trevor gave his heart, soul, and his incredible talent, both as an engineer and musician, for a very affordable fee. Better still, he helped in making me a better producer and a better person. As it is, I can't imagine working in any other studio. Go and plug in at Moving Air productions. You'll be glad you did.

David Brickner
Brickner Studio
West Fargo, ND

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