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About Moving Air

Learn the story behind Trevor Nelson and the origin of Moving Air Productions

Trevor Nelson has spent almost his entire life in the entertainment world. Growing up in a town of less than 150 people, there wasn't a lot to do, so he began playing drums at age 3 and was in his first gigging band at age 7. Trevor has also been a gigging guitarist and vocalist. However, the majority of his gigging life was as a bassist. Trevor spent several years as a touring bass player with international Broadway productions, with shows such as "The Full Monty" and "RENT", performing everywhere from New York to Tokyo.

While on tour, Trevor discovered a love for audio recording. Several of the actors began asking for Trevor to record their songs. So it turned into some serious "guerrilla recording" in hotel rooms and backstage areas, working with artists like Aaron LaVigne and American Idol finalist Anwar Robinson.

When he stopped touring, Trevor returned to the Fargo, North Dakota, area and began recording local artists, as well as continuing to perform as a gigging musician. 

In 2012, Trevor purchased a sound system in hopes of starting his own band, and while looking for musicians he wanted to work with, bands started asking him to use that gear for their production. Unintentionally, that became Moving Air Productions, which became an official live production company in 2013. Moving Air has provided production for everyone from local staples Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome and The Johnny Holm Band to hard rock band Buck Cherry, blues icon Lamont Cranston, and even The legenddary Kingston Trio. as well comedians such as Brian Regan and Christopher Titus.

Now Trevor is now in Lake Elmo, MN, continuing to produce great shows and fantastic tracks for artists all over the country. He's looking forward to working with you as well!

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